Playboy: So Out ofTouch

By encinoman

Playboy has long pretended that it&;s for the 18 to 30 year old male.  In fact, ever-youthful Kevin Bacon was rejected as an interview subject because he was too old, resulting in this wretched song.

The current issue (not the classic &;60&;s cover above) continues the weird dichotomy of 19-ish models and elderly authors who could be their leering grandfathers&;or great-grandfather, in the case of 83-year old Hugh Hefner. The issue contains the first of a four-part James Ellroy meditation on &;his childhood, [his mother's] unsolved murder and his teenage peeping.&;  It also  looks at &;how his mother&;s death drove him to search for the perfect woman, to seek out both prostitutes and (fruitlessly) women of the Los Angeles Philharmonic, to pass notes with his phone number in coffee shops, to send literally thousands of dollars in flowers.&; Not creepy at all, the 61-year old  L.A. Confidential author says he &;never masturbated on neighbors&; lawns &; &;That was just hyperbole!&; &; but was a dedicated peeper and self-described &;perv&; during his teenage years&;.when he stole pills, underwear, a turkey breast and &;a five spot&; from this place he still thinks of as &;Cathy Montgomery&;s house.&;&; Now that&;s got to appeal to that cleancut college/military demo and the advertisers!  Or at least to Skoal.

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